S-Surface       M-Mounted         D-Device


SMD LEDs are light-emitting diodes in which the elements of the diodes are mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards. A printed circuit board is a flat board used to electrically connect and support electronic components. LEDs are bulbs that fit into an electric circuit and are illuminated by the movement of electrons.


SMD LEDs can be used for aviation and automotive lighting applications and in traffic signals. SMD LEDs are also used to light up watches, transmit information from remote control units and form numbers on digital clocks.


Some advantages SMD LEDs have over incandescent bulbs include less energy consumption and longer lifetime. SMD LEDs are also typically smaller than incandescent light bulbs, have greater durability due to sturdier design, and use faster switching. Switching occurs when an electrical circuit is diverted from one conductor to another.

Typical SMD LED Types (SMD3528, SMD5050)

You may have heard a lot about some typical SMD LEDs, like SMD0603, SMD0805, SMD1210, SMD3528, SMD5050 etc. But do you know what meaning these figures represent? In fact, these figures refer to the size of the SMD LEDs. For example, 0603 refers to the length of this LED is 0.06 inches, and the width is 0.03 inches. But it needs to be pointed out that 3528 and 5050 is applied to metric units. The following is a detailed description of these specifications:

0603: conversion to metric is 1608, that means the length of this LED is: 1.6mm, and the width is: 0.8mm. Name for metric units: SMD1608; name for  English units: SMD0603.

0805: conversion to metric is 2012, that means the length this LED is: 2.0mm, and the width is: 1.2mm. Name for metric units: SMD2012; name for  English units: SMD0805.

1210: conversion to metric is 3528, that means the length this LED is: 3.5mm, and the width is: 2.8mm. Name for metric units: SMD3528; name for  English units: SMD1210.

3528: Name for metric unites, means that the length of this LED is 3.5mm, width 2.8mm.

5050: Name for metric unites, means that the length of this LED is 5.0mm, width 5.0mm.



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